Dr. Andrew Webber

Dr. Webber is a psychologist for the rich and famous. He has gained enough notoriety to attract some superhero clients. Dr. Webber has written a number of books on the psychology of superheroes and their roles in society. Webber has also contributed many articles to newspapers and magazines and made appearances on several radio shows and television programs as a self-professed expert on superheroes.

Books by Webber:
The Flaws of the Perfect Men: An Exploration of Super Heroes, Super Villians, And Other Super Beings And Their Many Hidden Weaknesses
The Double Sided Coin: How Secret Identities Can Make or Break A Man
Speaking with Gods: Various Interviews With Super Beings Conducted by Dr. Andrew Webber
Escaping the Stereotype: How to Discover Yourself In A World That Wants to Put You In A Box
Embrace Your Dark Side
The Disabled Metahuman: An In-Depth Look At The So-Called Super Powerless Super Heroes
Second Banana: The Secret Life of Superhero Sidekicks
With Great Power Comes Great Pains: The Secret Life of Superheroes

Articles contributed by Andrew Webber:
Blue Goop
Friends of Fiends

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