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You are a journalist in the city of Cosmopolis reporting on the superheroes, supervillains, and other related topics. Anyone with an interest in the subject matter is welcome to contribute. This includes traditional media such as newspapers and TV as well as new media such as bloggers, podcasters, or something you make up for purposes of this setting.

Have at it!

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The Schedule

Round one: ABC Wednesday, March 18
Round two: DEF Saturday, March 21
Round three: GHI Wednesday, March 25
Round four: JKL Saturday, March 28
Round five: MNO Wednesday, April 1
Round six: PQRS Saturday, April 4
Round seven: TUV Wednesday, April 8
Round eight: WXYZ Saturday, April 11

Instructions for participating in the Cosmopolis Lexicon

  • Join the site. See the start page for instructions.
  • Read this page for general Lexicon rules.
  • Read the Cosmopolis-specific Rules page (especially the Naming Convention section).
  • Create a new page for your lexicon character by typing his, her, or its name into the Add a new page field to the left.
  • Add some details to your character page.
  • Go to the Participants page and add a link to your character page.

If you have any questions or need clarification, email moc.liamg|malkav#moc.liamg|malkav or use the forums.

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