It’s a great mystery where super-fly crime stomper Afro-Man came from, exactly. Is he human or alien? How did he come to have his super-powers? Where did he get that cape? What’s up with the haircut (or lack thereof)? Despite a flair for the theatric and a certain panache that only the leader of the Hairdo Heroes super team (along with Captain Dredlocks, Bald Eagle and Pompadour) can achieve, Afro-Man has been exceedingly shy with the media. The well-coifed do-gooder is more than happy for provide a little entertainment to go with his crime fighting, to the tune of de-pantsing the bad guys and other hijinx. But as soon as he catches sight of a microphone or a tape recorder, he dashes off. Even a fairly innocuous looking web reporter like yours truly has been unable to get close enough to Afro-Man to ask even a question or two. Still, seeing the man in action provides some clues.

Afro-Man’s most outstanding attribute, of course, is his massive head of hair. An afro the envy of any 70’s hipster, it appears to be the source of man of the super-man’s super powers. I have personally seen him extract a wide variety of objects from his mane, ranging from a sack of marbles to trip up an opponent, to a massive steel beam to lay in the path of a cement mixer turned getaway vehicle. What is clear is that a pocket of extra-dimensional space must reside in the super-fro. What is unclear is how Afro-Man extracts exactly what he needs from a potentially unlimited space. How do objects get there in the first place? Does Afro-Man need to periodically restock on steel girders, just in case one might come in handy? If so, where does he get them? Questions of physics aside, others must be asked when it comes the super-do.

It also appears that the afro functions as some sort of audio receiver. Whether it receives radio waves over the police band or just distant calls for help is unknown. But I have seen it quiver ever so slightly just before Afro-Man dashes off to rescue another shopkeeper or orphan from most certain doom. You could say that it is inevitable that an afro of that size would shake and bounce as if it has a mind of its own. But I say that it is no coincidence.

Though Afro-Man compliments his wonder-do with the super strength and speed that is expected of hero, it is clear that the source of his power stems from his hair. Perhaps he should have called himself Samson. There have been recent rumors of a new villain rising, calling himself The Depilator. Does he mean to separate Afro-Man from his super-mane? It would be interesting to see the effect. But then again, where would Cosmopolis be without its hirsute protector?

Tony Camacho,

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