Astrologers League

Aries! Pisces! Sagittarius!

These names ceased to be the province of bored, newspaper-reading housewives and came to be feared by the populace of Cosmopolis. The twelve criminals who comprised the Astrologers League were known for split-second timing, lightning-fast strikes, and a level of planning that is truly staggering to contemplate.

For example, during what later became known as the White Elephant Affair, it was revealed that the League had laid the groundwork for the caper seven years in advance. There are many who compare that crime to the Palka Heist but history will, no doubt, show that to be a dim shadow of what the League could accomplish.

Not that I am commending the Astrologers for their actions, of course, but one does have to admit that during their years of activity they got a lot done. It says something that only eight of them were apprehended and imprisoned after the efforts of Doctor Quantum and others brought them down. The remaining four are still at large and supposedly saw the League's downfall coming early enough to go underground. Why the others were unable to do so despite their vaunted predictive abilities remains one of Cosmopolis's great unanswered questions. One of the others is: What are Aries, Libra, Virgo and Taurus calling themselves now?

From Honor Among Thieves: Criminal Organizations of Cosmopolis by Jim Lang

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