Blue Goop

Never before have I seen a case of drug abuse that was as devastating and as self-destructive as the cases that I have seen involving a substance most commonly known as Blue Goop. Blue Goop is an odd oozy substance, that at times acts both as a liquid and as a solid, and with some chemical manipulation, can be produced as a gas. As it's name suggests, it is often blue in coloration. It's origins are mysterious, but it is certain that it did not originate on our planet. To normal humans without superhuman abilities or gifts, the Blue Goop has absolutely no effect, but to those that do possess special powers, the substance has the odd characteristic of enhancing such powers to an incredible amount, often causing a feeling of dependence towards the substance, often resulting in substance abuse.

As a quick note, Blue Goop should not be confused with it's cousin, the Red Goop. Although their chemical components may be nearly identical, their effects are drastically different, and shall be described in full detail in a different chapter of this book.

I have had many clients who had become addicted to the Blue Goop. Many claim they love the feeling of power and freedom that they associate with the Blue Goop. Unfortunately, the benefits of the Goop does not come without a cost. The Goop is known to impair good judgement in it's consumers, and the more the subject comes into contact with the Goop, the worst the psychological impairments become. Subjects who have become addicted have shown symptons of irritability, mood swings, and an ability to trust others, even those that they have once considered very good and loyal friends. Some extreme cases, most notably the Flying Squirrel, the subjects have even turned excessively violent and have even become known more as villians then as heroes.

To make matters worse, once a subject is addicted to the Blue Goop, it is nearly impossible for the subject to give the stuff up. If a subject were to be forcibly denied access to the benefits of the Goop, they would suffer incredible withdrawal, which often results in mental break down in the subject, and for those that aren't strong enough, this often leads to permanent insanity and a loss of mental functions. The only for a subject to give up the use of the Blue Goop with minimal risk of irreparable damage is for the subject to willingly give it up on their own. But this is not an easy task to accomplish. Only a small handful of my clients were able to quit the Goop using this path. And those that have done it have been able to recover nearly completely, with very minimal cases of relapse.

Excerpt from The Flaws of the Perfect Men: An Exploration of Super Heroes, Super Villians, And Other Super Beings And Their Many Hidden Weaknesses by Andrew Webber

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