Well, friends and neighbors, I think it's pretty much happened. Our favorite Supers Club seems to be on the decline and may be closing its doors in the very near future.

When Bounce opened about three years ago, right on the heels of the ill-fated Smash, the owners of the new club targeted the same SuperHero / SuperVillain community. Their slick marketing assured clientele that not only could customers come and go in secrecy, but that security inside the bar would be strictly enforced. Further marketing efforts asserted that the owners (a consortium of Saudi businessmen) had reinforced the building and furniture to the point that most Super(H/V) patrons would not need to worry about breaking anything, and that they would attempt to provide all needed sizes/shapes/colors and materials to make their customers happy.

I've seen quite a number of those customers parade through the front door, eschewing the secret entrances that are available. The orange alien, the metal teenager, the girl with the blue bowtie - all have visited frequently. Even at the height of the Kinky Kapers, open socializing between Super(H&V)s kept the place hopping, and kept me busy documenting the goings on.

Unfortunately, business has slowed considerably in the past month. It may be due to the new less-strict rules that allow people associated with Super(H/V)s to patronize the place. In fact, there's been recent speculation that allowing sidekicks in the door makes the place ripe for Sidekick Sabotage, something I, personally, would hate to see happen.

Be assured, though, that if Bounce closes, I'll keep you informed of where the new Supers hangout is, and do my best to see who is flirting with whom, what dirt is being spread, and who are the hottest Supers of the day!

- Amy Toliver,

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