Denetaview Labs

Time to Pull the Plug

When Denataview Labs was first chartered in 1949, the idea was sound and seemed worthwhile: collecting the nation's most brilliant scientists together to harness the superscientific advances that have come, directly and indirectly, from the superhuman community and deliver those new technologies into the hands of the American citizen. Sixty years later, though, the project can be declared an abysmal failure.

How else can we describe it? Consider that today, more than fifty years after The Steel Rose developed her gravimetric levitation technology, there is not a single civilian application on any market. Where, aas the common question goes, are our flying cars? Nowhere, but it seems that every third mugger on the streets of our city has access to a stolen 'prototype' Grav Suit.

In recent years, Denataview has shifted its focus from high-energy physics over to biotech. In this decade, what have we seen? No cure for cancer, no anti-aging pills, but meanwhile, those years have seen the streets flooded with new and ever-more-dangerous superdrugs like Blue Goop, Red Goop, and some brand-new designer drug called "Rampage".

The security measures taken at the lab are clearly woefully inadequate. In addition to this constant flow of technology to the criminal community, how many times have we learned that a supervillain had his origin in a Denataview experiment gone awry (The lives and property lost due to Megasaurus Rex alone outweigh any possible gains the lab has produced over the years), or was a research assistant who stole an irreplaceable prototype to use in his crime spree? And how many times have the labs been the target of elaborate heists or flat-out assaults with massive collateral damage tolls?

Denataview labs reside on land leased from the city of Cosmopolis. When that lease expires this summer, this paper strongly urges our new mayor not to renew it.

-Editorial by Frank Cooper

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