Cosmopolis Doctor Quantum

OMG! I just saw Doctor Quantum!!!

It was totally unexpected! I don't usually get to hang out downtown, since campus is all the way on the east side of town. But this evening I needed a book from the Central Library, so after they closed I walked through that section of downtown that has all the bars and restaurants. My favorite bar there is the Brass Monkey - it's just down the street from the Vermillion center. On my way through I saw that distinctive blue/purple flash that Dr. Q creates when he collapses the probability spectrum to appear in a specific place. Doctor Quantum! And there he was! The one who helped capture most of the Astrologer's League! And you'll never guess who was with him! OctoPersia!

I didn't get to see Doctor Q use his SuperH powers - no Uncertainty Umbrella, no Electron Energy Pulse, no Quantum Quantifier - none of that. But I wonder what they were doing at the Vermillion? The went inside before I could ask them anything, and of course a non-Super(H/V) like me doesn't go in there without a reason.

The book I got out, by the way, is Their Many Hidden Weaknesses, by Dr. Andrew Webber. I don't think I agree with all his precepts, like his statement that "An Oedipal Complex leads to a SuperHero's downfall." But it should be a good paper.
- Amy Toliver,

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