Fearless Friends Of Freedom

The Fearless Friends of Freedom were formed from the remnants of the Patriots, the group of superheroes who fought the NAZIs during and slightly after WWII. Once the work in Europe was done, several heroes banded together to fight corruption and crime stateside but it was the invasion of Zzorgulax The Conqueror which led to the creation of the Fearless Friends of Freedom. They chose Cosmopolis as their base of operations and today the FFF tower at 1 Democracy Square dominates the skyline with its spires, searchlights, dirigible tethers, and occasional flashes and loud bangs.

The team's lineup has changed several times over the years but there are two members, Ouroboros and The Steel Rose, who have been there since the beginning and form the core of the group. The FFF's adventures are financed by a consortium of civic-minded billionaires who, it is claimed, have no influence over the team's actions. Repeated investigations have turned up nothing particularly suspicious but the FFF has not been without its share of scandals and bad press. For example, in 1962, The Pugilist was kicked out of the team (and later convicted of attempted murder) for his assault on Deputy Mayor Randall Stagg.

There have been other incidents but, for the most part, the FFF is seen as a bastion of honesty and a force for justice. They are famously selective in their membership. Despite a long-standing association with the team, The Ruthless Cosmopolitan has never been added to their active roster. Rumors as to why this is abound but this reporter is of the opinion that the vigilante is more effective as a lone operative than he would be if he were bound by the FFF's strict code of conduct.

The FFF has always stayed on the cutting edge of science and medicine. The Somnambulist, the FFF's current Chief Medical Officer has shown great interest in Dr. Heinzebacher's work. It remains to be seen whether this interest is negative or positive but when the Friends want something they usually get their way.

I am not alone in feeling safer with the Fearless Friends of Freedom watching over the city and I admit that even I am not so jaded or cynical that their call of "Wake Up Cosmopolis!" doesn't still give me chills when I hear Ouroboros shout it from the tower. The logo on their building features a rooster which lights up every morning to indicate that another sunrise has graced our fair city. Given what Zzorgulax nearly accomplished, I think that such a reminder is a good thing to have around.

Excerpt from Eternal Vigilance: The Heroes of Cosmopolis by Jim Lang

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