Flying Squirrel

A transcription of Roxy Aldona's radio broadcast

Rock theme music fades out

Roxy: Welcome back, Fans! On the phone we have Donny from 84th Street

Donny: Yeah, and that’s why the election needs to be thrown out. You cant just swoop in force people to vote. This is a free country!

Roxy: You’re referring to the Flying Squirrel incident?

Donny: Yeah, you cant just force old people from a retirement home onto a bus, fly them to the polling station and hold them hostage till they vote. That just aint right.

Roxy: Thank you Donny. And now Tisha from Riverpark.

Tisha: I don’t think you can hold that against Flying Squirrel. I mean, that was just the Blue Goop . All of the senior citizens were registered voters and she never made them vote for any particular candidate for Mayor. She was just making sure they did their duties as citizens of Cosmopolis and participate in the electoral process.

Roxy: And you don’t think that affects the election?

Tisha: Voters should vote. And man, I wouldn’t mind getting a ride in a flying bus!

Roxy: Now we have special caller – someone very close to the subject – Lady Liberty. Welcome!

Lady Liberty: Thank you Roxy. The election day incident is just the lastest. We cant forget what Flying Squirrel did to Jack Rabbit when they were supposed to be busting Scarab King and his Roaches. Several months have passed and Jack is getting better, but the Scarab King is still on the loose when he could have been behind bars. We can place responsibility for all of this on Flying Squirrel. The citizens needs to be protected from villains and from Supers who no longer prove worthy of the public trust.

Roxy: And your opinion is based on your concern for the public and not personal feelings based on your break-up of your partnership with Flying Squirrel?

Lady Liberty: My former relationship with Flying Squirrel has nothing to do with her current unacceptable behavior or my disapproval of that behavior.

Loud club music begins

Roxy: Well Fans, we will be right back after these words from our sponsor, Bounce.

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