Hairdo Heroes

// A transcription of Roxy Aldona's radio broadcast //

Rock theme music fades out


Roxy: Hello Fans! Today joining me in the studio .. Oh! bzzzzzzzzzz

Woman’s voice Honey, y’all don’t have to worry about them.

bzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzzz

Roxy: Umm, In the studio today, we have BeeHive and Comb-Over. bzzzzzzzzzz Oh!

Comb-Over Hello Roxy, Thanks for inviting us. Bea and I are very excited to be here to discuss Hairdo Heroes


BeeHive That’s right, honey. Comb-Over and I are so happy to have come out of retirement to be mentors for this lil Super Group.

bzz bzzzzzzzzzzz

Comb-Over We really appreciated the support we got through After the Mask, but full time retirement just didn’t work for us.

bzzzzz bzzt

Roxy Oh!

BeeHive Now, honey, I told you that you don’t have to worry about my lil darlins. As long as you aren’t Depilator or the Scarab King they aren’t gonna hurt you any.


Comb-Over I would like to take this time to publicly congratulate Bea and her little pals for giving support to Product and Henna Barbarianne allowing them to take down Depilator as their first major bust.


BeeHive Oh thank you Comb-Over. You know, all these young kids need is just a lil bit of supervision and guidance. A night out at Bounce is one thing, but ya’ll need to stay away from Blue Goop.

bzzzzzz bzzzzzzt

Comb-Over Yes, …. guidance for the young people….

Roxy Comb-Over, speaking of guidance for young people, before your initial retirement as Mr. Stupendous, you had a, well, let’s say “well documented” unfortunate situation occur with another young person, your former side-kick Neutronic Lad.

bzzz bzzz bzzzzzzzzz

BeeHive Such a tragic case of sidekick sabotage. I am sure y'all dont want to have Comb-Over discuss that nasty bit of history here.

Comb-Over Yes, we are not here to re-hash ancient history, we are here to discuss Hairdo Heroes.


Roxy Right. While Afro-Man’s leadership of the Hairdo Heroes is commendable, he is not really known as a people-person. bzzt Oh! It’s good to know that people like you two are there to mentor the next generation of Supers. Fans, we will be right back to take your calls. zzzt Oh!

rock theme music fades in

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