Heinzebacher Effect

-Entry by Andrew Webber

It would appear that the serum known as Concentrated Hypersomatropine created by the famed medical researcher, Dr. Adolf Heinzebacher, does more to its subjects than help the body repair and replenish lost cells and body mass. It also appears that the serum can also give its recipients super human abilities.

I have had many new patients come to my office in the past few months, all of which I have promised to keep their identities anonymous for obvious reasons, each demonstrating super human abilities that they had not possessed just a few weeks prior. Of course, this has never been an unheard of phenomenon. There have been many cases of superpowers emerging in otherwise normal people without any observable causation, a phenomenon known as Spontaneous Power Receival, but the patients that I had mentioned previously all had several things in common: They all at one time suffered from some sort of terrible disease. They also were all test subjects for a new serum being developed by Denetaview Labs. The serum worked for each and every one of them, seemingly curing all of their respective diseases and conditions and were able to leave the Labs able to live normal lives, seemingly. But each and every one of my patients claimed that in a matter of a few days after the experiments, they started noticing changes. Some got stronger. Some got bigger. Some realized that they could fly. One patient can regrow limbs immediately after being severed off.

There may also be a downside to gaining all these powers. Two of my patients who have come to me revealing that they have gained powers due to the hormone are dead now. Their deaths are a mystery to the doctors who performed their autopsies. It's as if their bodies just stopped working without any reason at all. Although it may be too early to speculate, I fear that this sudden death may be stage 2 of the side effects caused by Concentrated Hypersomatropine.

This effect I have deemed as the Heinzebacher Effect, named after the doctor who created it. But after trying several times to reach Dr. Heinzebacher, I have never been able to speak to him directly. The only communication I have ever recieved from the doctor were through his secretary. It would either appear that Dr. Heinzebacher is unaware of this remarkable side effect of his miracle hormone or that he is trying to hide it, for up to this point, there has not been one mention of this effect in any medical journal or report concerning the Concentrated Hypersomatropine.

Although I would like to believe the best, I do believe that Denetaview Labs may be deliberately keeping the Heinzebacher Effect a secret from the public. This wouldn't be the first time that Denetaview Labs have withheld important and valuable information from the world. Even today, the words Neptune Suit still causes many people to relive nightmares. Denetaview Labs have gotten into a bad habit of keeping too many secrets, and it is time for them to stop.

In an effort to coerce the doctor and Denetaview Labs to reveal any information regarding the Heinzebacher Effect, I have begun a campaign alongside SuperFanBlog.Net to spread awareness of the Heinzebacher Effect. So if any of you out there have recieved the Concentrated Hypersomatropine and believe that you have contracted the Heinzebacher Effect, then speak up about it. Anybody who has been treated by the serum and experiences superpowers of any kind could potentially be in great danger. We must convince Denetaview Labs to tell us all they know about the Effect, or else many could potentially die.

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