The Hierophant

From an interview published in Ultra Magazine by Jim Lang

Ultra: You're new to Cosmopolis but you've been active in Europe for quite a while. What brings you to the States?

Hierophant: I have always been here, Mr. Lang. I exist on a plane that transcends what most of you call "space" and "time".

U: OK. So, the Hierophant I'm sitting across from is actually in all other places, as well?

H: If putting it that way allows your mind to grasp the concept, so be it.

U: (pause) Moving on, then. You were a member of T.A.R.O.T. for several years when you were in Paris.

H: I am still in Paris.

U: Yes, of course. But my question is, what led to your departure from an organization you helped found.

H: I am both a member and a former member of T.A.R.O.T.

U: (sigh) Right. I get that. For our readers who are trapped in a linear perception of time and will be reading this in what they believe to be a time after your tenure with T.A.R.O.T., could you please give us some details regarding that?

H: Very well. I had achieved everything I wanted to with T.A.R.O.T. My parting with them was on good terms and I will continue to work with them as a consultant.

U: You spent some time in Africa and South America before setting up shop in Cosmopolis. I understand that was mostly humanitarian work. What was that like?

H: I was asked by a representative of Witch Doctors Without Borders to assist in a mission of healing and goodwill in several areas which have historically had little in the way of proper healthcare. I accepted because I feel that the Pagan community needs to do more outreach and organizations such as this are a step in the right direction. We are doing good work out there.

U: Getting back to my first question, what brings you to Cosmopolis?

H: I am not at liberty to divulge that.

U: Can you give us a hint?

H: I seek an object which has the potential to change the very fate of humanity. It may bring about a terrible dark age or a wonderous golden era.

U: And this thing is in our city?

H: It may be. I have already said too much. Your fragile mortal mind could not possibly handle more than that.

U: Fair enough. You've already made quite a splash since your arrival. Your calling cards (See image above) have been seen at the sites of some major busts and Afro Man has publically thanked you for your help. But some have criticized your style as brutal and excessively violent. How do you respond to that.

H: I believe in the principle of threefold return, Mr. Lang. The good one does will come back to beget more good in one's life. The same applies to the evil one does.

U: And you are the agent of that return?

H: For some people, yes.

U: What's next for The Hierophant?

H: I have planned a trip to the Astral Plane to recharge my mystical energies after which I shall resume my search for the object.

U: Don't you mean that you're already in both of those places?

H: That was quite droll, Mr. Lang.

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