Jack Rabbit

Excerpted from an interview featuring Dr. Andrew Webber on Good Morning Cosmopolis.

Mary Weather: I'm sure you all remember Jack Hopp, although most of you knew him as the masked crime
fighter, Jack Rabbit, once considered the luckiest super hero of all time. But where is he now? And just
how far did he fall? For that, we turn to superhero expert and psychiatrist to superhumans, Dr. Andrew
Webber. Dr. Webber, welcome back to the program. Tell us, you have met Jack Rabber in person, didn't you?

Dr. Webber: Indeed I did, Mary. I have met with him on a multitude of occasions, both for personal and
professional reasons. He has been a steady patient of mine for years. I would go as far to say that I know
him as much as he does, if not moreso.

Mary Weather: Let's start at the beginning. Twenty years ago, a young Jack Hopp walked into a bank to start
a checking account. Five minutes later, the bank was held up by nearly 20 armed thugs. Twenty minutes
later, the police arrive at the bank, only to discover that all of the armed robbers have already been
disarmed, knocked unconcious, and tied up, and Jack Hopp was standing over them without a scratch on him.
And all this while he was only 19 years old.

Dr. Webber: That would mark the beginning as an incredible career as a super hero for Mr. Hopp. Many people
claimed him to be a hero right there on the spot, but he claimed that it was all the result of fortunate
happenstance. But I have watched the security footage of the incident and heard all of the witness
testimonies, and although luck clearly played a role, Mr. Hopp showed a great deal of courage and wisdom,
and it was that that truly saved all those lives. But it would be foolish to say that Mr. Hopp was not a
fortunate man growing up. After the incident at the bank, Mr. Hopp has had many experiences surviving
dangerous ordeals, with luck seemingly being the only explanation.

Mary Weather: And how did Jack Hopp become the famous Jack Rabbit we all know and love?

Dr. Webber: Very soon after the incident at the bank, Mr. Hopp has been the recipient of much attention by
the media, and he was already being declared a hero. Being a young man with a good heart who wanted nothing
more than to do good things for the world, it only seemed natural for him to take the next step and become
an official super hero. He had even got a call from the world famous Martha Yobman, the superhero agent,
interested in turning our young Jack into a great superhero. And I'll tell you something, Mary, it's a rare
occurrence when Martha Yobman calls for you. It was Yobman that designed the persona of Jack Rabbit and
equipped Jack with his signature Mega-Hopper Shoes. And Jack Rabbit was born.

Mary Weather: And Jack Rabbit's luck and fame only increased from there.

Dr. Webber: That's right. He recieved fame and fortune like no one could ever believe. He received offers
to join the Fearless Friends of Freedom after just a year of crime fighting, which is an amazing
accomplishment. Of course he turned it down. He respected the FFF and fought alongside them many times, but
didn't like the idea of having to answer to somebody. And the decision worked out well for him. He had
become one of the most successful independent superheroes Cosmopolis had ever seen.

Mary Weather: But that didn't last for long, did it?

Dr. Webber: No it did not. Near around his mid-thirties, Jack's luck had just nearly run out. It had
started when his wife, Laura Hare, whom he had met and fell in love with in high school and married just a
few short years after graduating college, divorced and left him. Jack Hopp was never the same after that,
and it affected his crime fighting as well. His famous battle with Megasaurus Rex resulted in the
destruction of a children's hospital. Of course, he blamed himself for that. But his biggest blow may have
been with his run-in with the Scarab King. Of course, Jack Rabbit was doing just fine in that battle until the Flying Squirrel showed up. Flying Squirrel was under the influence of Blue Goop at the time, as he still is, and figured that he could defeat the Scarab King all on his own. That was a big mistake. Due to the Squirrel's foolishness, the Scarab King's entire headquarters explode, with Jack Rabbit still inside.
Jack Rabbit survived, but the explosion left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Mary Weather: But that didn't keep him from crime fighting, did it?

Dr. Webber: It certainly didn't keep him from trying. He was a very determined superhero. He was convinced
that he could still fight crime while in his wheelchair. And although it's possible to fight crime in such
a manner, as demonstrated by the incredible UnMan, Jack Rabbit just didn't have the ability to do so.
Therefore he had to go into an early retirment, nearing the still-so-young age of 40. He's now a regular at
the After the Mask meetings and has become a mentor towards young potential crime fighters. He still does a lot of good for the community without wearing a mask.

Mary Weather: So Jack Hopp still remains a hero to this day?

Dr. Webber: Indeed. And he has married again since the incident, and he is very much in love. And he tells
me that he very much enjoys doing his work without so much media attention anymore. As his psychiatrist, I
would say he is very much happy now.

Mary Weather: That's good to hear. Coming up! What is Rampage? And what is it doing to your children? Stay

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