Killraven Prison

The question of what to do with criminals who can walk through walls, shatter steel, or teleport has no greater answer than Killraven Ultra-Security Prison. Housed on an island just off the coast of Cosmopolis, the prison was converted from a maximum-security facility in 1972 through the efforts of The Steel Rose and the mysterious conglomeration of billionaires that funds the FFF. Despite the private concerns involved in its construction and the fact that its budget is secretly handled by those private parties, Killraven is run by the Cosmopolis Department of Corrections. Whether this is good or bad depends on who you ask but the ever-evolving correctional environment there would not be possible without the contributions of companies like Extris whose Mark XIV Grav Suit is worn by most of the guards.

The history of Killraven is colorful, to say the least. For the most part, it does an excellent job of keeping the most dangerous people away from the rest of the world but the times that security has failed have been spectacular indeed. For example, the original Scarab King made a career of escaping from Killraven's walls, usually with the help of his army of arthropod friends. The latest person to call himself the Scarab King has yet to be incarcerated but sources in the prison tell me that they have an array of surprises awaiting his arrival.

Not many people are aware that Killraven's operations are not confined to Killraven Island. Scientists and other hypercorrectional experts from Killraven have assisted in devising confinements for such super-criminals as Megasaurus Rex who are far too large to be housed in the prison itself. The location of Megasaurus is a closely-guarded secret but rumors abound that other plus-size villains are being kept there, as well. If this is true, I certainly hope the corrections boys are keeping a tight lid on the place.

From Super Clink! Behind the Scenes of America's Hyper-Security Facilitiesby Jim Lang

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