Doctor Letdown (aka Sir Ivan Newton)

a transcript of a broadcast by Roxy Aldona
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Roxy: Welcome back, Fans! Today we will be in conversation with Sir Ivan Newton, the infamous supervillain known as Dr. Letdown who joins us on the phone from his isolation cell in Killraven Prison. Sir Ivan, hello.

Dr. Letdown: My dear, thank you for giving me this opportunity. Since my confinement began, I have missed the companionship of human society.

Roxy: Well yes, you have been locked in your security cell to protect the well being citizens of Cosmopolis. Do you not feel your isolation is justified?

Dr. Letdown: I do indeed believe that I have been falsely singled out. One does not feel that being meloncholy can be considered a criminal act.

Roxy : Well Sir Ivan, you surely know that you were not incarcerated for not being cheerful, but for the fact that you spread depression and gloom amongst all that you contacted, and doing so willfully. Why, there were 9 suicides in your family alone that can be directly linked to you. Only your daughter Dr. Alexandra Newton was able to survive, and that only because of her professional psychological training.

Dr. Letdown: Ahh, but there is a letdown.

Roxy: That your daughter survived!?!

Dr. Letdown: No, but the thought that she has turned on me with her mindless dedication to that crazy pet project of hers.

Roxy: And also the fact that she is dating Acrobot, the young progeny of the powerful Coleman family?

Dr. Letdown: Harumph.

Roxy: Lets take a caller, Ginny on the line from Vermillion Street in downtown.

Ginny: Dr. Letdown, this is me.

Dr. Letdown: So it is time?


dial tone

Roxy: What was that?

“Ginny”: Just a wild guess, but I believe that was an explosion at Killraven Prison, and that our friend Sir Ivan is no longer feeling so confined .

Roxy: Youre not just any caller! You are Virginia Blossom, the supervillainess formerly known as Virgo from the Astrologers League!

“Ginny”: Ahh Roxy, you are correct. And I must say it has been a pleasure to announce my comeback on your show. Once Dr. Letdown joins us at our lair, you will be hearing a lot more from us.

Roxy: Well Fans, you heard it here first! There has been an escape engineered at Killraven Prison, all listeners in the area are urged to take cover as evil doers are sure to be roaming the streets! This is Roxy Aldona reminding you to tune in next time as I am sure there will be much to talk about!

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