Limitless Placement Agency

I'm a bit depressed today. I've been trying to get someone at the Limitless Placement Agency to contact me for the past week, but so far haven't had any luck.

Limitless started operating back in the '50s - one of the first companies to work with different SuperHeroes to address public relations issues. Xerxes was their first client, and Limitless put together a fairly successful campaign mitigating the bad press around the Detroit Disaster. For many years, public relations was their main focus.

Twenty-five years ago, the current president of the company, Martha Yobman, started actively involving herself in the development of Supers. Yobman's work with Ruthless Cosmopolitan is legendary, though some people are critical of her and the agency for his not having joined any of the SuperGroups - but that may be more his decision rather than a failing at the agency.

I'm hoping to get an interview with one of the placement agents there to talk about their work. It would be a great addition to my current paper - "Super Heroes / Villains - What's the Difference?" I hope they return my calls!

- Amy Toliver,

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