Mayoral Election

Here We Go Again

How, exactly, did we get here? A brief recap is in order. For the first few weeks of this election, it appeared to be a fairly normal affair for the city, with challenger Vincent Talon polling slightly ahead of incumbent Devin O'Malley. Then, at the last possible moment before the filing deadline, two independent candidates appeared almost out of nowhere: After The Mask regular Libby "Sister Sunbeam" Ellison, and the largely unknown Zaius Bullworth, both of whom campaigned against both of the major-party candidates as part of a corrupt status quo. Soon the polls began to indicate a four-way dead heat.

Then the scandals began. The first of these was the release of The Flaws of the Perfect Men: An Exploration of Super Heroes, Super Villians, And Other Super Beings And Their Many Hidden Weaknesses, with it's notorious and widely-excepted Chapter 5 ("Sister Dearest: Libby Ellison's Daughters' Harrowing Childhood"). Even as Ellison's poll numbers cratered came the second major scandal, as Vincent Talon was revealed to have accepted massive unrecorded campaign contributions from Extris.

The election was already in effect a two-man race when the only debate began. Although invited, Libby Ellison did not appear, which is a bit of a pity, since she may have been able to prevent what happened next: the venue was attacked, simultaneously by the Scarab King's Roaches and Wilhelm Von Winter's Wintermechs. The two groups of assassins did not seem to be working jointly, and their respective masters are well-known to be implacable rivals. Both groups seemed to be aiming attacks at all three candidates, but Vincent Talon was the only one who suffered more than minor scratches before Afro Man dispatched the attackers. Talon was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Soon enough, Election Day was upon us, with all of the various shenannigans seen then, from the antics of Flying Squirrel to the near-riot at the Vermillion Detonator Centre to the unexplained multiple incidents of Spontaneous Power Receival. When the dust finally cleared, Zaius Bullworth was Mayor-Elect by a thin but unmistakable margin.

Which brings us to today's events. Just one week after the inauguration, the new Mayor has been murdered, with all evidence pointing to deputy mayor Alice Lanella as the culprit. She, of course, maintains her innocent, spinning a wild story about the Mayor having been an elaborate disguise for Taurus of the Astrologers League, and having faked his own death after she caught him stealing a particular old book from the Mayoral Office, but judging from public comments and polls conducted by local TV stations, the only person in town who believes her story is The Hierophant, who has refused to comment further.

So, according to the political emergency acts passed in the aftermath of the first attack by Zzorgulax The Conqueror, with both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor unable to serve, we'll be having a special election six weeks from today. Let's hope this one goes more smoothly.

-Editorial by Frank Cooper

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