Megasaurus Rex

One of the sadder villain origin stories I've ever witnessed was that of Megasaurus Rex, originally known as Oliver Small. Oliver Small was a scientist working for Denetaview Labs. He was brilliant, but for the most part went largely unnoticed by his peers. He barely made any friends, and hardly had any family to speak of. In fact, it was incredibly hard to collect a profile on this individual due to this very fact. But there was one thing to be sure of, nobody ever suspected Oliver Small to ever become the feared monster that he has become known as today.

Details are fuzzy concerning the accident, for Denetaview Labs has released relatively no information regarding the details of the incident. All I managed to gather was that Small was involved in a project that may or may not involve growing dinosaur-like monsters from test tubes. But something went wrong, once again, I haven't been given a lot of information, so I don't exactly know what it is that happened, but it is definite that something did happen, for the next day, news of a gigantic dinosaur-like beast was scrawled all over the front page of all the newspapers.

Oliver Small has become Megasaurus Rex, although it would still be a few years before any of us discovered Megasaurus's true identity. What became apparent was that Megasaurus's appearances came sporadically, showing up out of nowhere and causing major damage to the city, and then vanishing for days at a time.

His 60-foot tall orange scaly body has become a familiar sight to many of us Cosmopolitans, for it was nearly impossible for anybody who had lived in Cosmopolis long enough not to have seen him, and it is a rare occurence to come across a person who had not had a home, car, or office building destroyed by the beast.

The sad thing is that through my pschiatric profiling, I have determined that Oliver has had no intention of becoming such a terrible monster or destroying so many lives. In fact, every time he would see his alter ego in the paper, he would be filled with horror at what he himself had done. He had become a victim of an unfortunate lab accident that caused him to transform into the gigantic monster we all know and despise whenever he felt angry or uncomfortable. He had spent a lot of extra time in the labs trying to discover a cure for his condition, but to no success. A few months later, Denetaview Labs discovered Small abusing company resources and fired him, not knowing what exactly he was trying to do with the company resources or who he would become once they let him go.

As a result of the firing, Megasaurus Rex returned to the Denetaview Labs headquarters and leveled it to the ground. He then continued onto his most destructive rampage seen.

Throughout the years, many superheroes have tried to subdue the monster, but most of them ending in failures, and some of them were considered successes despite the fact that Megasaurus Rex managed to remain at large. Jack Rabbit for example ended up recieving criticism for his fight with Megasaurus for causing more damage than Megasaurus himself, and still letting him get away. Other heroes have tried their hand at fighting the monster, such as Lady Liberty, Afro Man, and even the entire team of the Fearless Friends of Freedom. But it was the Hierophant that truly brought the beast down. Using techniques unheard of by this particular doctor, the Hierophant managed to paralyze Megasaurus in a matter of seconds.

Oliver Small is now being contained in a top secret facility. He was considered too much of a danger to be kept in the traditional Killraven Prison, due to his ability to grow to a size much bigger than any cell available in Killraven Prison. I wish I could tell you that efforts are being made at Denetaview Labs to reverse the condition in Small that they themselves have caused, but sadly, they have other priorities. Despite all the damage he has caused, Small recieves my sympathy for becoming the Accidental Monster.

Excerpt from "Stories from the Dark Side: Profiles of the Villians We Hate" by Andrew Webber

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