Neptune Suit

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Roxy Welcome back Fans! While the police and Super Groups are still trying to figure out what happened with the break out at Killraven Prison, we have brought back an old friend, the one and only Estuary Kid!

Estuary Kid Hey, Roxy, its great to be on your show again!

Roxy You know, Kid, even though I’ve known you since we were in grade school together, I have to say that seeing you is always rather unnerving.

Estuary Kid Well, Roxy, I think pretty much everyone is aware of the effects of the Neptune Suit – It was designed by Denetaview Labs – based on the fact that the human body is 95% water, there should be a way to allow humans to live under the surface of the water for long periods of time.

Roxy And that it did, by turning the entire body of the wearer to liquid when it had been worn for an extensive period.

Estuary Kid Yeah, Roxy, I gotta tell you that I feel lucky. I am the last known survivor of the Neptune Suit’s effects – others who had worn the suit turned to puddles when they removed the Suit or the effect of becoming liquid scrambled their minds and turned them to criminals like Aquarius of the Astrologer’s League. Thanks to the treatments of the good people of Witch Doctors Without Borders and some extensive therapy with Dr. Webber , I’m a long term survivor.

Roxy Speaking of long term, now that you are thirtysomething, do you really think that you can continue under the moniker of Estuary Kid?

Estuary Kid Funny you should mention that. I have recently been working with Martha Yobman on a make over. We are in the process of a major rebranding campaign that should be launched in the next few days. Stay Tuned!

Roxy Well, Fans – you heard it here first! Cosmopolis will soon be graced with a new SuperHeroic persona! Kid, be sure to visit again with your new gig!

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