Nobel Laureate, runway model, neurosurgeon, inventor, sometime crimefighter, and sometime supervillain, OctoPersia has had more careers and labels than any random ten people put together. As the daughter of Xerxes, she was born under a bright spotlight and has built an empire upon her fame. Say what you will about her motives, she is obviously brilliant. There are many (this reporter included) who would prefer to see her use her powers only for good but she greets such criticisms with a toss of her ankle-length, prehensile hair and a laugh of polite disdain for such concepts as "mere morality".

Her father was the Limitless Placement Agency's first client but OctoPersia is by far their greatest success. Though, it is obvious that the relationship works both ways. The symbiosis between the Agency and OctoPersia stands as solid proof that there is no such thing as bad press. Martha Yobman and her crew are lambasted by the media (again, myself included) every time OctoPersia "goes bad" but LPA's public-relations coups do wonders to expand their client list.

However, even the great Yobman has her work cut out for her this time. OctoPersia has stolen the Hammer of Kaveh Ahangar from the Cosmopolis Natural History Museum. That she was caught red-handed is bad enough but she severely injured fourteen security guards, as well. Webber's writeup on her in Their Many Hidden Weaknesses makes a strong case for her potential for violence and disregard for the majority of humanity. It's gratifying to see a colleague proven right but I think that even he would have prefered to have that proof come at a lesser cost.

From an editorial by Jim Lang

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