Red Goop

transcription of a radio broadcast by Roxy Aldona

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Roxy Hello Fans! Welcome back. Today we are talking “art and design” with Papa Ratzi, Super Hero and photographer from Limitless Placement Agency . Papa R, before the break, a caller had brought up a topic I know is near to your heart.

Papa Ratzi Oh yes, Red Goop! Amazing substance, simply astounding possibilities!

Roxy So tell us about Red Goop.

Papa Ratzi Well, Red Goop, like Blue Goop is not from Earth – everything we know as Red or Blue Goop came to Earth simply as Goop – the cushioning material that filled the cacoons that encased Zzorgulax The Conqueror and his minions during their intersteller trip from Planet Xtron to Earth.

Roxy Now how can items as different as Blue Goop and Red Goop be derived from the same product?

Papa Ratzi Well, that my dear is a secret held close by the scientists of Denetaview Labs , and anyway, all of that science-y stuff is well beyond my exptertise. So lets get on to the fun stuff, what can be done with Red Goop!

While some chemical formulations can be used as a drug, the far more interesting formulations are used to CREATE! From Super Heroes to Super Buildings and everything inbetween!

Roxy Papa, you yourself owe some of your rise to prominance to a formulation of Red Goop.

Papa Ratzi Yes, it was my photo shoot of the then unknown Scarlet Armadillo which catapulted both of us to fame. My photos captured the intricate beauty and durability of his scales, made from a solidified formation of Red Goop, that got him into Fearless Friends of Freedom and me into position as chief photgrapher for Limitless!

Roxy And more recent Superpower creations have also incorporated formulations from Red Goop

Papa Ratzi Of course there are Acrobot's Incardine Vibro-springs and we can’t forget the unusual liquid formation that forms the Blood-Fluid of Wilhelm Von Winter's WinterMechs

Roxy A chilling thought.

Papa Ratzi But really, it is the strength and durability of formulations of Red Goop that deserve the praise. It is for its durability that Red Goop was selected as the building material used in the creation of the Vermillion Detonator Centre . Nothing other than Red Goop could be used to contain the thousands of test explosions that have all been recorded there. And with simple enough clean up that it can be used for community group meetings in just a matter of minutes following the blast!

Roxy Well Papa, Thanks for stopping by, its always a pleasure!

Papa Ratzi Oh Roxy, its my pleasure, really.

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