The Ruthless Cosmopolitan

Unlike many superheroes, The Ruthless Cosmopolitan never chose his alter-ego's name. It was a headline in the Clarion that named him and the public has called him that ever since. It is worth noting that the Cosmopolitan has never referred to himself as anything, sticking with generalized pronouns and vague references. If anyone knows his true identity, they're not talking. Not even long-time associate Jack Rabbit (a man not known for keeping his mouth shut about anything) has revealed anything about him that can't be easily observed by anyone.

The Ruthless Cosmopolitan's history has been a checkered one as have his relationships with the police department and the city's other superheroes. His long-standing policy of working alone hasn't kept him from teaming up with others when the need arises but those who work with him are often heard distancing themselves from his actions soon thereafter. His squabble with UnMan after they worked together to foil one of Wilhelm Von Winter's plots nearly destroyed the careers of both men and threatened to reveal their identities. Winter lived to menace the world again but the same can't be said of several of his henchmen. Whether the scores of WinterBorgs that were destroyed that day should be considered as having been alive is a debate that still rages.

There are those who say that if the police and other heroes really wanted to stop the Cosmopolitan they would have done so by now. With people such as Dr. Quantum, Xerxes, and the CPD's mega-crime squad in town, they would seem to have a good point.

by Jim Lang

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