Do We Need Border Guards Along The Dimensional Boundaries?

Apart from those of you, bless your hearts, skip straight to this page without glancing at the day's headlines, I'm sure you are all aware of the latest superpowered fracas to grace our city: while the Fearless Friends of Freedom were assisting The Hierophant in stopping an attempted robbery by the Master Sergeant, the skies opened and nine members T.A.R.O.T. appeared, invading our nation without so much as a by-your-leave from the President, Governor, or Mayor. There was another Hierophant with that group-something not entirely surprising or alarming consdering that particular hero's somewhat sketchy relationship with linear time, but when the two Hierophants pointed simultaneously to one another and declared one another impostors, a major battle began with property damage estimates already approaching the tens of millions of dollars.

T.A.R.O.T. (The Terran Academy Royal of Osiris Trimestigus-I'm told that the acronym is far less strained in the original French) has not had United Nations affiliation since the late seventies, and does not enjoy Interpol sanction since 1998: for more than a decade it has been an entirely private operation. It is the largest superhero team in the world, with a constant roster of 22. The team generally recruits young adults who have recently been the target of a Spontaneous Power Receival, although on occasion an established hero is recruited to take one of the card-roles. (Unman has turned down the role of 'The Tower' on at least three occasions. Despite a complete lack of official standing, they consider themselves authorized to interfere in anything, anywhere, that catches the fancy of their leader, The Fool.

I say that this lawless adventurism must come to an end, and call upon our city's good super-scientists to explore the possibility of sealing the city from this sort of lawless transdimensional invasion. It is only luck that Mentat was not seriously injured in the combined assault by The Chariot and The Sun that tore a mile-long gash into main street, and if measures are not taken, then what next? Will Witch Doctors Without Borders finally make good on the last part of their name and fulfill their longstanding threat to exorcise Metaphor and Primal Spirit from our city?

-Editorial by Frank Cooper

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