Aurocha Expanse

Marduk Intelligence cognition upload:

On site examination of the area of the eastern continent known as the Aurocha Expanse continues, despite the complete lack of interest by other intelligences, biological or otherwise. Despite its central location in the web of subterranean transport tubes dubbed the Samaelra in translated texts of the area, my other probes have transmitted from the surface in the area. I, alone, have seen the wisdom in the discovery.

Marduk-72.76, a ground-based uplink drone, provided the first images of what may have been the last maintained cultural artifacts before the extermination of the Polverans proper. Taken as a whole, the area appears to be the remnants of a vast, underground arcology, with facilities in several areas that resemble nothing so much as vast oubliettes filled with what appear to be the skeletal remains of humanoids in surprisingly intact condition. Inscribed around the edges of the pits is the phrase Ia Ia Mene Tekilath in the same language as the tubeways were named. 72.76 is still in the facility sending image and tactile content but as yet there has been no Rosetta stone to help translate the inscriptions.

As a personal note, I think it wise to keep in mind that the Polveran cultures, taken as a whole, were extremely violent, irrational, and war-loving if their figurative art is to be taken as any indication. As such, caution should be maintained when exploring and investigating late-era facilities in particular. I have already lost fifteen drones to what can only be termed "booby traps" left behind by the previous culture of the area.

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