Biblio Exo Archeology

Reported By: Dr. Genesis Schebel

Biblio-Exo-Archeology is a a new field of archeology derived from the archaeological discipline of paleography and expanded upon by Dr. Rudolph Horn to apply to post-Earth cultures. Dr. Horn's theories stated that a civilization can best be understood by unearthing their most horrible tomes and reading them, and this applies doubly to strange societies found on other planets. Many of these books are well-hidden, encrypted in unknown languages, and look entirely unlike anything like a codex as found on Earth. The steps in understanding Biblio-Exo-Archeology is to:

  1. Unearth a codex using normal archaeological scientific techniques, ie: the usage of highly underpaid graduate students eager to add the current dig to their resume and work for nothing;
  2. Identify a codex as an actual codex through codex identification methods, usually by saying "AH HA! That is a CODEX!";
  3. Use a large number of computers all linked together to "break the code" of the foreign language, which is about as successful as one expects;
  4. Publish many papers in many well-reviewed journals.

The Polvera form of the codex, as such unearthed thus far in proto-archaeological digs, is the Gearbox. Dr. Horn was a leader in Polvera Gearbox research before he quite suddenly and unexpectedly died.

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