Evidence from Daria suggests that in some areas an extended period of Carnivale preceeded the Catastrophe (see Catastrophism). It has been suggested that the meat consumed after the fasting month may have been the Polverans of Daria themselves. Whether this was ritualised cannibalism or a pragmatic response to a shortage of protein is a matter of debate.

What cannot be argued is that unmistakably humanoid remains have been unearthed, in buildings containing equipment that seems purpose built for food production. Abbatoirs or temples? The questions pile up, as the evidence is sifted by the exploratory team (a blipvert for BTL Enterprises is inserted here, detailing their support for the Polveran Mission). Whether this was unique to Daria is yet to be confirmed.

—Excerpt from article The Darian Horror - survival or sublimation? by Dr Calypso MacTavish.

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