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There is a certain sameness to most Polveran narrative art dating from the final century of the civilization. Frequently set on other worlds and only rarely with characters of the same biological morphology as the baseline Polveran Phenotype, each instance goes through eight interminable acts before, as a conclusion, the entire planet is sterilized, leaving no sign of the civilization and rendering the drama of the preceding hours apparently meaningless. Given the eventual fate of Polvera, this is one of the most striking examples of the Zeitgeist Prescience phenomena that caused earlier scholars to mis-order multiple historical events in their original surveys.

On the other hand, it may have simply represented an awareness of a larger, interstellar phenomenon. While Polvera's incomplete Catastrophe is the first hard evidence of prior civilizations, there have been strong indications in other systems that civilizations arose and were destroyed so utterly that no trace remains. These indications are usually in the form of absences: of expected radioactive minerals or volatile gasses, or of fossil records, and, most simultaneously suggestive and as-yet-uncomprehended, the complete absence, down to well below parts-per-trillion, of the element Flourine in any system other than our home visited thus far, including Polvera. (leading to some interesting differences in their knowledge of chemistry from ours)

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