Recordings reconstructed from the Xanadu Dig suggest dance is an exception to the recurrent theme of violence in Polveran art (figurative/narrative art cf Aurocha Expanse, Catastrophism.)

Images of dancers in a number of formal contexts are suggestive of a social or communicative function beyond entertainment or sexual display, and with little observable violent connotation. Training in dance appears to have represented the norm and not the exception, even in less affluent cultures. Admittedly Culture B has furnished more recordings, given its position as one of the most advanced and affluent of the pre-Catastrophe civilisations on Polvera.

Graphic art featuring formalised poses that recur in the archaelogical record of a number of geographical locations offer a tantalising glimpse into what may have been a gesture-based language. (Tri-V clip with costumed dancers re-enacting an athletic and digitally enhanced routine from the Xanadu Dig. Blipvert advertising GoldCola embedded.)

—Excerpt from article Social and Communicative Functions of Dance on Polvera - A wild guess, by Dr Calypso MacTavish.

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