Polvera Dibs

This page is to allow participants to reserve upcoming phantom entries. You may only call dibs on entries one round in advance and only after you have completed your entry for the previous round.

You may not call dibs on a phantom entry you created. Other people must fill in the phantoms you make.

Note: I will also add dibs to the actual round pages to make sure people know you've claimed it. Or feel free to do so yourself. ~~Vaklam

Flourine (Catastrophism)

Omnitextiles (Esoteric Geography)

Polarized Sound (Gearbox)
Samaelra (Aurocha Expanse)

Taboo Against Spaceflight (Rastuvat Crater)
Theo-Babble (Ritualised Cannibalism )
Uriel Loop (Manichean Linguistics)
Ursthurth (Ritualised Cannibalism )

Zeitgeist Prescience (Catastrophism)
Zeta Conjunction (Elemental Temple)
Ziggurat of Heos (Binary Accounting)

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