Elemental Temple

by 3Steve Weinberg


I am becoming concerned about one of my research assistants. I gave him the simple task of producing an artistic interpretation of the Great Temple of the Elements created by Culture B and he drew the picture to the left.

The architectural rendering is accurate (eerily so) but I have no idea where he got the idea to embellish it so.

Apparently, neither does he.

Anyway, one works with what one has been given. The Temple of the Elements is the largest and most central of the structures devoted to the five elements revered by Culture B. Each of the other temples was built to honor (some would say 'to worship' but I am not convinced the term is accurate) a specific element. The Great Temple located in the outskirts of Daria's largest city, had a separate chamber for each element along with a central hallway which is a scale model of the tube systems discovered in the Aurocha Expanse.

The connection to the Aurocha system is still being investigated as is the series of bas-relief carvings of scenes from the sixteenth book of the Gearbox.

The layout of the six temples seems to have significant astonomical correlations. We were lucky enough to begin our dig during a Zeta Conjunction which revealed some interesting alignments corresponding to the upper-story windows of the temple. Soon, I suspect, the stars will align in a much more interesting fashion.

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