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The Garrulous was the original survey expedition vessel sent to Polvera. After Polvera was found, and confirmed, by planetary astronomers and physicists, the Garrulous was commissioned as a research vessel. Originally commanded by Captain Vincent Undine of the International Space Association, this largely scientific and civilian expedition made the long trip to Polvera to complete a full survey of the planetary surface and return reports.

Initially, the Garrulous focused on from-orbit surveys of the planetary surface. The first odd discovery during the initial survey attempts was the discovery of the P-3 (Polar) Long Orbit which revealed reflections off structures later named the "Dje Dje Mountains" made of a substance dubbed Polverite. The reflections counted up in a series of Primes and repeated the sequence, a clear telegraph to any intelligent species of intelligent life down below.

Surface missions revealed mysterious Gearboxes which were, in turn, sent back to be analyzed by the highly mediocre but still renowned biblio-exo-archeologist Dr. Rudolph Horn. The ship's resident anthropologist, Dr. Valeria McMahon, performed research on the ruins left behind of the Darian Subcontinent called "Culture A," but according to the last recovered ship's logs, by the time the surface expedition began, the crew was already experiencing psychological problems. Initially chalked up to the extensive cabin fever referred to on long trips as "Space Madness," the ground research crew lead by Dr. McMahon started lodging highly erratic accounts of the culture found on the surface of Polvera, making wild unbelievable claims about aliens and "creatures from Beyond."

At the end of the surface expedition, Dr. Valerie McMahon's team met with a series of unexplained accidents which lead to a series of highly unexplained and highly violent deaths, many from sudden decompression. The few who did return with armloads of Gearboxes were tagged as having extreme cases of Space Madness. Not long afterward, the Garrulous sent a series of SOS messages and then suddenly disappeared.

The ship has not yet been found.

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