Recovered from the personal logs of Captain Zot Chesthair, Incredulous.

Schebel has been smuggling those damn Gearboxes onto the ship. She says they are necessary for her research, taken from the known regions of the Aurocha Expanse, but I don't trust them. I have confiscated them all, and have been keeping them in my quarters for security reasons.

They look simple enough, stacks of cogs on a single axle. But oh, when you expose them to a polarized sonic field, then you have something. The cogs turn and order themselves in entirely new ways. McMahon went mad trying to decipher them, claimed that the obvious text was only one answer. Her last entries said that they would sing to her. It's obviously ridiculous.

If it weren't for the sounds I hear at night. The gearboxes are secure; the only polarized sound generator is in the lab on Level Five. It could be a prank, of course. Good-natured ribbing from the crew, playback devices hidden in my bunk. Of course it could be that. They could want me as mad as McMahon, playing those sounds all night long, those sounds that are almost voices almost words almost making sense if I could just hear more of them in their proper places.

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