Jettison Scar

Recovered from the personal logs of Captain Zot Chesthair, Insurmountable

Continued analysis of the cartography of Polvera has highlighted several regions of crust damage incongruous with known effects of Polveran weaponry or excavation techniques. Retrochronological examination of these regions show strong probability of the damage being caused by orbital mass transfer, a technology unknown to the Polverans. According to the computer there is a high chance that these scars were caused by the Garrulous jettisoning cargo or fuel tanks in a deliberate re-insertion orbit.

My personal belief is that the crew of the Garrulous, in the depths of Space Madness were attempting to destroy certain features of the planetary landscape. The high incidence of these impacts near the location of the Elemental Temple is telling - no sane man could fail to recognize it as a threat. However, when you poke a bear with a stick, you had best not miss. The Temple remained intact, whether through poor calculation on the part of the Garrulous or some other force protecting it, and now we have drawn the attention of the Weeping Ones.

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