Kerebos Sanction

Reported by: Jedikiah Drake

The disappearance of the Garrulous may not be nearly so mysterious as some think. Like the Insurmountable and the Drosophila, that ship was outfitted with the Kerebos Sanction, a self-destruct system designed to prevent any possible contamination of the homeworld by potentially virulent alien entities.

Three conditions exist that will result in the triggering of the Kerebos Sanction. The first is the most straightforward: an uncontrollable alien microorganism infecting the crew. Thankfully, Polveran lifeforms seem to be too different from their Terran equivalents to make that a serious threat here. The second is directed at dataviruses.: should either the shipboard computers or crewman Marduk be infected with a sufficiently virulent xenodatavirus, again, the device will trigger.

The third condition is the most subtle, aimed at protecting against inflectuous mimetic entities: ideas or patterns in the alien culture and artifacts that can potentially override a human will to their own ends. The report of captain Zot Chesthair on the Gearbox suggests that that may have been at work here, and that Dr. Valeria McMahon may have succumbed to such a thing, triggering the Garrulous's Kerebos Sanction.

Given these facts (and supporting evidence concerning a research assistant working on the Elemental Temple), I do not know if I should be relieved or concerned as I report that the Kerebos Sanction devices aboard both th Insurmountable and the Drosophila have been irreparably sabotaged, most likely during the Nebuchadnezzar Transfer Orbit maneuver performed shortly after our arrival in the Polvera system.

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