Lavender Moss

I understand the drawing now. I also understand a great deal more than I did before I ingested the lavender moss. The wild revels depicted at the Xanadu Dig and even some of the pictographs used by Culture B. Calypso has accused me of succumbing to Space Madness but she just wants my supply of moss so the boxes will stop singing to her.

My, that's odd. I don't remember writing the above passage at all. It has my identicode and the timestamps check out. Perhaps I should make an appointment with the Insurmountable's medical officer.

Anyway, the importance of the lavender moss to the history of Polvera cannot be overstated. During the early, low-technology days, the moss connected strings of islands allowing migration, viable agriculture, and relief from the pressures of overpopulation. Bas reliefs at the Xanadu Dig depict uses of the moss for everything from clothmaking to medicine to cooking fuel. Certain peculiarities of the moss must be researched. For example, the fact that it is the only pre-catastrophe lifeform still extant on the planet. Its hallucinatory properties have yet to be determined. Further experimentation is obviously called for.

The most curious observation has been the interaction between large concentrations of the moss and the Gearboxes. The best description we can come up with is that they do not seem to like each other.

By 3Steve Weinberg

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