From the log book of Dr. Genesis Schebel:

The research on board the Insurmountable has crawled to a stand still ever since Zot Chesthair became obsessed with the Gearbox. He is somehow convinced that exposing the Gearbox to Polarized Sound will open the box and give up the Gearbox's secrets. He says it speaks to him at night. After reading through the log books of the Garrulous, I am beginning to wonder if the Captain is going mad.

With the Captain's madness, we have found ourselves in research Limbo. We can only work on what we recovered before the Captain became obsessed with the Gearboxes. With no way to go forward and no way to go back, we can only hope that the Captain either recovers from his current bout of paranoia or becomes so mad he is declared Insane and the project may move forward again.

Meanwhile, while we wait for a change onboard the Insurmountable, the team has opened up a new line of research on Culture B from artifacts unearthed at the current archeological dig #1178B, the Elemental Temple. The team is currently analyzing a strange motif found on various artifacts we have called the Ndonilala Mark, a strange star-shaped mark with a series of circles in the center. We are unclear why it is named the Ndonilala Mark, except the team insisted this was the correct name for the strange marking.

I continue to worry about the mission. Is the current mission in jeopardy? Is the Captain going mad? Will we be able to send a second artifact collection team to the surface? Should I worry about this Ndonilala mark?

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