Manichean Linguistics

Recovered from the journal of Captain Zot Chesthair, Insurmountable

Damn Horn and his damnable systems.

The big brains on the mission have thoroughly embraced the precepts of Manichean Linguistics in their attempt to decipher the Polveran culture and mindset. By deliberately ignoring ambiguity in translation, they believe somehow they can strip a word down to a 'good' word or a 'bad' word for its placement in their twice-damned lexicon. Oh, it's fast. So damn fast they translated the Uriel Loop within two days. And then they played it for the general mission assembly.

In ignoring the subtleties of definition, the techniques of Manichean Linguistics sacrifice nuance, richness, the things that give meaning beyond definition. The Polveran culture is nothing but nuance, and now we've discarded that. Now the sounds of poetry stripped of meaning echo in the ship, cold words chosen because they were clear and hollow, but behind them, between them, within them I can hear the cries of the Zeitgeist ringing out and demanding to be heard. They think they can take the life out of the words, sterilize them to fit their theories and research.

They are wrong.

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