Ndonilala Mark

Reported by: Jedikiah Drake

During the recent Equatorial Wars, the most-feared leader of the losing side was Colonel Ndonilala. A man of unique vision and military genius, he was prone to be even more unforgiving of his enemies than our own soldiers. Unlike many modern leaders, he was actively proud of his massacres and erected statues and monuments at the site of each one. It is after the Colonel that our research team has named the Ndonilala Mark, a star-and-circle metapattern which seems to exude an empathic, almost telepathic sense of the memorialization of an atrocity. Preliminary results indicate that this effect is delivered through the partial polarization of soundwaves reflected by the glyph.

The mystery remains, though, of exactly what event these symbols are meant to commemorate. It is most likely dissimilar to what humans think of as atrocities, given their differing attitudes towards death. The Polveran historical records that have been successfully translated are unenlightening on the subject, possibly deliberately so. There are some tantalizing references that appear to be pointing toward the fifth and the ninth 'hidden layer' of the Gearbox, however.

In addition to those artifacts found near the Elemental Temple, the Mark has been found on similar artifacts in the vicinity of the Ziggurat of Heos, although the artifacts appear to predate the Ziggurat by almost four centuries.

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