Nebuchadnezzar Transfer Orbit

Reported By: Dr. Genesis Schebel

The Nebuchadnezzar Transfer Orbit maneuver was pioneered by the Steve during the original scans of planet Pledra Theta around Proxima Ophiuchi (Barnard's Star) many decades before during the first baby steps to the stars. The orbital maneuver involves a typical slingshot deceleration around the local area main sequence star to slow down the XXX back thruster engines and position the research vessel within the orbit of the targeted planet. It is referred to as the "Nebuchadnezzar" transfer orbit for being the favored of Captains but, due to deceleration illness, often not popular with the crew and scientists on board the local ship.

If the vessel is caught in a solar flare during the Transfer Orbit maneuver, the vessel may suffer from electro-magnetic pulse and lose unshielded vessel on-board systems. Kerberos Sanction systems are especially sensitive to the EMP given out by the solar flares of main sequence stars and, if precautions are not taken, may burn out delicate electronics.

As for the Polvera Mission, Kerberos Sanction systems may also be negatively impacted by unknown EMP-like effects caused by the Apogee Flare found during original scanning orbits of the surface of Polvera. The effect of the presence of Polverite also may cause issues with electronics, although the reasons for this is currently unknown.

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