Phantom Poltergeist Effect

I write this from the medlab of the Insurmountable. The Drosophila is no longer safe. Calypso has become paranoid as has most of the rest of the crew. They can no longer be trusted. For example, they have tried to convince me that my dream of Dr. McMahon was nothing more than an example of the Phantom Poltergeist Effect. Nothing could be further from the truth. I will now explain why:

The Phantom Poltergeist Effect was first observed in the metapsychology labaoratories of Boston University and has since been confirmed as a legitimate phenomenon. The mental symptoms are well known but the physiological aspect is something which has recieved little attention. For example, the presence of high levels of Flourine in a subject or in the environment can lead to significantly dramatic effects such as brain swelling, increased blood pressure, and searing headaches.

I have had none of these symptoms and my fluorine levels are quite elevated due to supplements I have been taking for years. Ipso facto, I am not suffering from the syndrome.

However, my research into the Poltergeist Effect has led to some interesting data. Certain areas of Polvera are more likely to generate the hallucinations and delusions of the Effect. The Xanadu Dig, for example, uncovered several friezes and other depictions of a sort of mystery cult which aspired to a dreamland which we now believe to be directly related to phantom poltergeists. Critics and enemies of the cult are believed to have created the science of Viral Chromosome Subversion specifically to immunize themselves against the flights of ecstasy experienced by the cult.

by 3Steve Weinberg

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