Rastuvat Crater

Reported By: Jedikiah Drake

At this point it is clear that Polveran culture B was capable of planetary-scale geoengeneering. However, the surmise of the captain that the Rastuvat Crater was a 'proofreader's mark' can be categorically rejected, as all of the polveran technology involved in the creation of Esoteric Geography was strictly ground-based, manipulating the planet's core and mantle. In fact, the Taboo Against Spaceflight appears to have been more completely absolute and universal than any other aspect of their culture, which makes the achievement involved in programming the Apogee Flare even more impressive considering no actual testing of the final results could have been possible.

I use the word 'programming' carefully, as it now seems clear that the Dje Dje Mountains are in fact an enormous crystaline computer. That such an impressive device would be wasted on the mundane task of broadcasting a short sequence of prime numbers seems boggling, but this is merely a standby mode; the equivalent of a screen-saver for such a machine, running perpetually in the absence of the parts of the machine that originally held its main programming: the part of the Dje Dje Mountains that was obliterated in the impact that produced the Restuvat Crater.

The impact that produced the crater happened centuries after the final collapse and extinction of the Polverans; but likewise centuries before the arrival of the Garrulous, leaving no reasonable suspects for an agency behind the meteor strike, but even if the precise targeting of the higher functions of the great computer were not too great a coincidence to swallow, the impact coincided exactly with the apex of a Zeta Conjunction.

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