Ritualised Cannibalism

Reported By: Dr. Genesis Schebel

According to Archeological and Anthropological evident, ritualized cannibalism existed among Homo Sapiens since the dawn of time. Some evidence of ritualized cannibalism was uncovered with Neanderthal burial sites as bones were found in pits with the tell-tale signs of stone scrapings along skull fragments. These signs of scrapings on bones have been discovered in North American Indian burial sites, Central and South American archeological digs, even African digs have found some signs of ritualized cannibalism. In many Micronesian, Austeronesian and the cultures of Borneo and especially Papua New Guinea, cannibalism was a part of a highly ritualized religious experience where the soul of the dead was taken into the living through the consumption of their flesh.

This asks the question: why are signs of ritualized cannibalism found among the archeological digs on Polvera of the Darian Culture, "Culture A?" Bones of creatures not the least like human have been unearthed among the digs and many show the precise tell-tale signs of a careful tool used against bone to flay meat from bodies. The ritualized location of the bodies and the number of religious-like artifacts confirms many suspicions: the Polverans of Culture A ritualized killed, cooked, and consumed the meat of others of their own race. To get their thoughts, or soul, or power is unclear. The Gearboxes would need to be opened and decrypted for the answer to this question.

Applying the fundamentals of biblio-exo-archeology to uncovered tomes has been worthless so far, as all it has uncovered is impenetrable Theo-Babble discussing horrible Kings from Beyond Space and Time who demand a ritualized sacrifice, and the preservation of ancient power through flesh. The hows and whys and methods are utterly unclear as of the writing of this article. Research has uncovered only that Culture A was well aware of a creature, super-being or other alien from outside Polvera named "Ursthurth" whom they worshipped and to whom they made offerings of flesh. This Ursthurth commanded great power over Culture A, but was incomprehensible to them. Their writings are strained and confused.

I fear going any further with this research. It leads to dark, horrible places. And from those places, I fear, no escape.

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