Rudolph Horn

Dr. Rudolph Horn never left Earth but we could not have performed this survey without him. He is best known for his work deciphering the Gearbox but his earlier breakthroughs in paleography and Manichaean Linguistics led to the very foundations of the science we use today.

Dr. Horn's life was marked by vast expanses of mediocrity with the occasional flash of brilliance. He did not publish his first well-regarded paper until after he had left academia. The paper in question, "Really Big Buildings, A Study of Extra-Terrestrial Macro-Arcitecture", was not only a stunning achievement in telescope-based research it predicted the existence of Ritualised Cannibalism and the odd land formations on Polvera.

Dr. Horn returned to the Ivory Tower as an associate professor of Biblio-Exo-Archeology at Princeton University and spent the next few years quietly teaching classes and publishing papers which several of his colleagues regarded as "merely adequate". However, once the Garrulous crew sent back pictures of the Gearbox, he once again became the darling of the exo-planetary research set.

His death has yet to be explained and his body was never found. To say nothing of the fact that all of the books in his private study are now missing.

By 3Steve Weinberg

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