Polvera Rules

The Polvera lexicon will consist of eight rounds with the letters arranged as they are on a phone pad. The schedule will consist of two rounds a week. Entries will be due on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The start date is Wednesday, January 7, 2009.

See the home page for links to each round.

Important Posting Conventions:

Phantom Entries
There may not be more phantom entries in a round than there are participants in the lexicon. However, the "See Also" section of an entry may contain references to phantoms created by other people.

Naming Convention
Please preface any subject page title for this lexicon with the word Polvera and a dash. For example, if you were to create a page for Round 1 called Binary Accounting you would create the link like so:

[[[Polvera-Binary_Accounting |Binary Accounting]]]

You may remove the "Polvera" from the page's title field.

This allows us to host multiple lexicons on this site which may have entries with identical titles.

Sign Your Work
Place a link to your character's page somewhere on the entry page in a manner that makes it clear who wrote it.

Once you have completed your entry for a round, you may call dibs on any phantom entry from the immediately following round. Either edit the Dibs page to claim a phantom entry or simply place 'dibs <your character>' after the link on the appropriate round page. You may not call dibs on a phantom entry you created.

Click the edit button on any page to steal code.

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