Salt Wars

Reported By: Dr. Genesis Schebel

The Salt Wars was a series of wars fought between two different factions within the unearthed Culture B found on the Polvera surface apparently focused on the contented ownership on the salt mine located no less than a mile away from the Ziggurat of Heos. It is unclear what the purpose of the salt mine initially was, other than the obvious, to mine salt, but archeological evidence has uncovered that, in its later stages, it became a vast network of underground warehouses used to house Gearboxes and keep them in perpetuity. These Gearboxes became, over time, a religious relic and an object of worship. The large collection of them became a religious monument to some horrible, unknown God or collection of Gods, possibly the Unknown God Ursthurth.

The devastation from the Salt Wars was vast across Culture B's cultural and civic boundaries, leading directly to the creation of Binary Accounting to separate the classes from one another and forcibly restore civic peace.

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