Valeria McMahon

I have been having dreams. Many of them are disturbing but last night's was stragely calming.

Everything is going to be all right.

Dr. McMahon spoke to me at length last night. She did not go mad, as the others think. She was the only sane member of that crew. She did, in fact, initiate her vessel's Kerebos Sanction but she did it to open the door for the Weeping Ones. Unfortunately, she was not entirely successful. However, she vouchsafed to me the secret of opening the portal the rest of the way. It involves the proper application of polarized sound, at least four kilograms of the moss, one (and only one!) Gearbox, and three sentient beings kept in a perpetual alpha state (8–12 Hz).

The Drosophila's Sanction box has been magnetized beyond recognition but the process above, if performed above the geographical center of the Aurocha Expanse will bring about the proper environment.

Here we come, O Masters.

Everything is going to be all right.

By 3Steve Weinberg

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