Viral Chromosome Subversion

by 3Steve Weinberg

Biological samples collected from as far away as Daria have shown that the majority of Polverans had 27 pairs of chromosomes. However, there are many samples that only show 25 pairs. The first of these was collected from an ancient ossuary deep inside the Samaelra. We have isolated the suppressed chromosomes and have dubbed them Gog and Magog because the Polverans believed them to be the primary sources of aggressive behavior.

Early experiments with chromosomal subversion were less successful but once the Docilation Virus was discovered, the practice became widespread across all cultures and throughout most eras even though a minority of Polverans at any given time were of the 25-pair group. Artists, for example, almost never went in for subversion as the Zeitgeist Prescience makes clear. We have just discovered the text of a ribald twenty-eight hour long play which makes fun of the very concept.

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