Weeping Ones

Reported By: Jedikiah Drake

Everything is clearer now.

They are, of course, the enemy of everything that yet leaves. They weep in mourning for an empty galaxy, but theirs are crocodile tears. They are the cause of that which they mourn. Billions of Polverans, devolved in a matter of instants into Lavender Moss, the only trace of their passing memory engrams encoded as hallucinations.

They built the Gearboxes, of course, projecting their will upon base matter from their place beyond the Dimensional Void. And the Gearboxes, for all their tantalizing tales and hidden secrets, at root were just a device for Summoning them to this plane of existence. Once they were a part of Polveran life, it was only a matter of time before the ritual was stumbled upon; only a matter of time before their consumption by these monstrous entities. They Knew it was coming, of course. Some celebrated the coming communion. Others chose that, if they must be devoured, it should be by their own kin

The ritual seems to fail, attempted now. It is not for any technical issue, either in Valeria's attempts or those of our crewmates, that it fails, but rather simply that there is not nearly enough sentient biomass left to interest them in physically making the transfer. Rather, they influence minds, some subtly and some less so.

By now they surely know where Earth is. Even if they do not succeed, through their puppets, in piloting one of these ships back to the homeworld, they can begin a slower emergence there, tempting the poor with Miracle Materials or other blandishments. There are, though, a few colony ships, and even some scoutships with sufficient crews and genetic stores to found viable colonies at need. If they cease all contact with Earth, and travel far, to unknown new worlds…

Ah, but would they? Would they believe the rantings of a criminal, one more madman on a ship of the insane?

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